Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel / Empire State of Mind

Just touched down at JFK on a still wintery evening. It is 1:30am and the faraway city winks and glitters as the yellow cab fast approaches.

I'm on my way to Tribeca for the night. New York's premiere runways have been flooded with Fall2010 shows and now begins New York Market where retail buyers, editors and stylists from around the globe converge to select their upcoming-fashion-must-haves.

The next morning I hit the streets, walking up through Soho (strong black tea in hand from my ultimate Soho cafe) and quietly dropping by the Chelsea Hotel, top-secret location of the very recent Autumn-Winter 2010 campaign photoshoot with our own beloved Helena Christensen.

We admire Helena not because she is very beautiful and one of the world's top supermodels (which of course, she is... though I think this is quite obvious), but rather because she is a woman living life tenfold: a supreme mother, social activist, successful business woman and so much more. She is also, and perhaps you may not know this, a highly-regarded photographer in her own right.

To help capture the perfect mood for the shoot, Per chooses the one-and-only Chelsea Hotel (est. 1883) in New York City for his location.
This hotel has a past filled with as much dark as light. Over the years, it has opened its legendary doors to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg. Per is joined on the shoot by Joanna (Karin's assistant), Helena, Jonas Hallberg (Elle "Stylist-of-the-Year") and a team of the industry's best hair and make-up artists to work their magic once more.
Together, they ignore all the rules and, this Summer, Odd Molly happily launches a fresh new campaign in top magazines everywhere.
All shot by Helena Christensen, the photographer.

Now... 100 Molly-points to the first person who correctly identifies the new face of the AW2010 campaign.
Three clues for you >>>>

(while you look, I highly suggest you let the lovely Ms. Spektor take you there:


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for a lovely blogg and great pictures.

    I guess it might be Daisy Lowe we see at the pictures?

    All the best,

    Kind regards,

  2. Yes!! You are correct... so in honour of this news, I post one more pic. Just because.
    xoxo // M

  3. One more beutiful then the other. Looking forward to see more pics!

  4. Congratulations! And welcome to the lovely blog world! I am a HUGE Odd Molly fan and take every opportunity I can to mention you (and buy your clothes)!

    I am looking forward to more loveliness from you - and I can't wait to see the new furniture line!

    Put me on your press alert list.


    Monika (based in Seattle US)