Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Beautiful, I'm California dreamin'

Here, we are counting down to the amazing Los Angeles US Flagship in-store event... this new boutique will have its Official Kick-Off on March 19th during LA Market Week and my friends and I simply cannot wait to pull on our ultra-favourite Odd Molly and hit the red carpet.

Helena Christensen will be the hostess for the evening with music from the band Little Joy (includes Fabrizio Moretti - if you are like me, you are also a very big fan of The Strokes).

Sample their sound at

But, what to wear? Perhaps some vintage pieces, layered just-so? Or go with my top well-worn pieces from this Spring - almost black silk camisole with crochet-by-hand vest, leggings and high heeled johdpur boots? Suggestions?? Decisions, decisions...

For those of you who have had the good fortune to have visited Odd Molly's crown jewel Concept Store in Stockholm, lucky you!
We do hope you will all come visit us soon at Humlegardsgatan (in central Stockholm) to appreciate the latest collections, the wall of super-vintage doors and the loveliest hot pink tufted velvet chair in the world. For this, you can thank the beautifully talented Helena R. who has worked tirelessly alongside Karin, Per and the Odd Molly head office team to breathe life into this spectacular retail dream.

(if you are curious about the first image at top here, those are amazing swatches of Karin's select fabrics stretched lovingly along the outside awning of 104 S. Robertson Blvd)
Post-Opening pics>>> coming soon...

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