Saturday, February 13, 2010

All you need is Love / Everything is Possible

For me, it was a love story that began in the summer of '06 in, of all places, Las Vegas, Nevada.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this time they were wrong and I soon found myself in the downtown Los Angeles garment district at Odd Molly's first-ever Californian trade fair alongside Karin, Per and Elena (Odd Molly's Italian super-Agent).

Three days, one broken glass table, two thousand and six live roses and one hundred+ used order forms later, we knew we had just experienced the rarest of things together: a heart explodingly, love-filled, fully genuine spreading of the Odd Molly word.

And now, five+ whole years after my initial meeting with Per and Karin amidst pale yellow roses in a simple booth at MAGIC, Las Vegas, we again team up to creatively spread the Odd Molly word.

This time, it is online, and with all of you from Sydney to Stockholm, from New York to Berlin.

So here's to all of life's unlikelies - including everyday Magic, love at first sight in Las Vegas and a new beginning together for 2010.
We hope you will be inspired by what we are doing, always working hard, but never taking ourselves too seriously. We hope you will send in your ideas, suggestions, pictures and more. We hope you choose to share with us how you first met Odd Molly and what inspires you each day.

Yes friends, we are blogging. Welcome inside.


  1. Congratulation on your new blog. I`m a huge Odd Molly fan and I`m looking forward to follow you :)

    Hug from Maia

  2. Ah Meredith, how lovely you look in that snow!

    I too remember my first love experiance with Odd Molly. It was the summer 2005 in a little town in Sweden, Borgholm on the island of Ă–land. A tiny little pop-up store had this great line of wonderfully designed tops and dresses. For an American in Sweden it was just what I had imagined a cool, hip romantic Swedish farmer girl would be wearing. A little bit of folklore with a lot of hippness thrown in to create very distinct and unique pieces of lovliness. It's hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago and I'm still loving Odd Molly just as much!

    Here's to spreading more Odd Molly love!

  3. Congratulations with new and fabulous blog!
    Best wishes and lots of love

  4. Welcome to the world of blogs - I look forward to following you guys.

    Lycka till! (Swe)


  5. Hallo odd molly blog

    Welcome to the blogger world
    My English is not so gut but I love to see watt you are doing.
    Greeting Miriam

  6. Hej, welcome to blog world!
    Congratulations on your magic succes story and I'm a fan eversince I saw the first Odd Molly dress. Amazing how you make everything so pretty with the great scandinavian style!

    Ingrid Jansen

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  9. Odd Molly became an inspiration in The spring of 2009. You must know I always was an Oililyfan, my whole closet consited of Oilily items. I always made a plan, like a moodboard for spring en autum collections. But everything changed in the spring of last year there wad Odd Molly more feminim with blink and I instandly fell in love, a webshop from Germany, a Dutch magazine and a shop in Antwerp Belgium took me in, in the wonders of Odd Molly. The brand Oilily is no longer here but I live happely ever afther in Odd Molly quoting: celebrating yourselfs.

    Greetings Suzanne van Doorn
    The Netherlands