Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who is Wilma Mankiller?

Yes, we named a series of garments “Wilma Mankiller” and not only did we recieve questions from around regarding this controversial name, but we also recieved a letter from the estate of Wilma Mankillers regarding our using her name. Wilma Mankiller was the first female chief of the Cherokee nation and a lady with a strong name in indian history.

Our naming this series after her was a true dedication to this fantastic lady. You see, we do appreciate women of impact, women of writing history, thru going their own way. We have now explained our adoration for the late Mrs Mankiller to her estate and only yesterday did we recieve a letter stating the following:

“Thank you for your kind email. The family understands this fully and appreciates the sentiment. They would be happy for you to mention the influence she had – it’s just the actual name of the item that they asked to switch. Again, they definitely understand the sentiment and hold nothing against you. We appreciate you understanding and look forward to watching your business evolve.”

So here’s to Wilma Mankiller and other ladies of strength...

Wilma Mankiller cardigan

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