Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FWF / Proudly Ethical Production

Today we take a moment to recognize our partner in ethical business, the Fair Wear Foundation.

Operating ethically responsible production has always been important for the Odd Molly/Post Fire Dew team.

We wanted, for some time, to partner with an organization to further our commitment to acting socially and environmentally responsibly in our factories.

After exploring all available partners, Fair Wear stood out and in June 2009 (after an IN-DEPTH audit!) we became a fully approved member.

Now, we stand alongside such responsible member brands as Gsus, Acne, J. Lindberg and Filippa K... making a statement together in the textile industry for something bigger, something that makes us very proud. That is, to be bringing health, safety and security to the good people who work so hard to give our beautiful clothing life.

The FWF actively operates to protect eight key Codes among its members, based on the internationally recognized standards set out in the UN's Declaration on Human Rights.

The Foundation is continually inspecting and auditing its partner members to ensure they are strictly complying in all ways with FWF's Code of Labour Practices:

1) Employment is freely chosen
2) No discrimination in employment practices
3) No exploitation of child labour
4) Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
5) Minimum payment of a "living wage"
6) Working hours will comply with acceptable standards, no excessive work shifts
7) Mandatory safe and healthy workplace conditions
8) Right to legally-binding work relationships in accordance to all labour and social security laws

Here, we recognize that clothing is not only about price or marketing or design, but also about the quality of production behind each and every garment.

And I hope this is as important to you as it is to us.

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