Friday, September 3, 2010

Win Tickets to Odd Molly NYC Runway Show!

Passes to our upcoming show @ NY Fashion Week have now booked up completely, but I happily managed to get my hands on the VERY LAST PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE RUNWAY SHOW on September 15th in Manhattan!
Now, I offer these hot tickets out to you... yes, you could win this pair and join us for the big event next week!!

LOTS of surprises still in the wings (eg. would you love to know one of the artists performing at the event? hint: his father had a yellow submarine and told us to twist and shout...) and extra goodies for the lucky winners :)
To qualify for the runway show seats, simply send in pictures of yourself in your favourite Odd Molly styles.


We announce the winner(s) on September 10th, so email then now to!

Give love// M

1 comment:

  1. OMG...this could be my dream come true!!!! I will keep dreaming, crossing my fingers and sending pics!!!! Thanks for the great news Amy!!
    Should I send again new pics to this address?
    Love to read this news!!!Yeahhh, I am so happy!!!!

    Marina Luz Ederra