Thursday, September 16, 2010

LIVE from the New York runway...

...pre-show jitters & first impressions

{ all pictures courtesy of Kim Ringstad }

Stay tuned for much more from "behind-the-scenes" over the coming days...
Be sure to watch the entire show live at main page!



  1. The clothes where absolut FAB!!
    Love it!!
    But the models where way too skinny:-(
    Why can´t you take a bigger step and have models in all sizes?
    My self and so many more who loves odd molly is in our thirties and more, have children and so on...We don´t look like that (don´t want to) and we wish to compare our self to how the beautyful clothes look on a woman..
    Thats why I also think our blogs are so popular, everyone can see how it looks on a normal average person..

    Love Maria

  2. nice clothes but I am so dissapointed by the appearence of the models. Way tooo skinny to look healthy. I would be surprised if any one of them has a normal BMI. I thought the days of anorectic models were over but i guess not. Love the clothes, hate the look.

  3. I agree, these are not healthy young women! The clothes are as always fabolous but I really would like to see them on a model more helathy!

  4. I also loved the clothes but the models...absolutely too thin and too young also! The clothes would have looked much better on someone who has at least some curves.

  5. The clothes are nice but why do you use these anorectic models? We - the women that buys the clothes- are healthy , with mormal female bodies, so why not show the clothes on women that loooks like us?

  6. I have to agree with the previous comments. I don't think that the biggest group of Odd Molly buyers are 16-18 and superskinny, so I really don't understand the reson(s) for using anoretic models. In my opinion Odd Molly clothing is absolutely fantastic on models with curves. I guess this sounds like I'm envious on the skinny models, but that's not the fact. I think Odd Molly would get more customers by using more realistic models. Anyway, I love the clothing no matter what, and I feel pretty even with curves and love handles:)