Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breaking my own Rules, Part II

A few more pics from the Spring-Summer 2011 get-together for you. Happy Wednesday!


Above, meeting at the Stockholm boutique storefront before making the short walk over to the harbour for a snack and beautiful sunshine boatride...



  1. I actually say you in Stockholm! I was standing next to the boat and all this molly outfits in one place at one time. I thought for a second that I could sneek on the boat since I was dressed properly in my pink fields of lace...:-)Looks like you´ve had a great time.

  2. But this is so cool!!
    Next time, you will have to jump aboard for a bit and join the Molly-talk ;)
    Best & better // M

  3. Är sjukt imponerad av er sucess story! Gilla!