Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Turn the Lights Off So That I Can See You

I could not be more happy to write that after carefully reviewing all the amazing, kind and creative tag lines submitted, we have narrowed the field to one top favourite.

It was a difficult decision, but we think we have found one that hits that perfect little sweet spot.

This tag line will appear in a select Fall2010 Odd Molly garment and I thank you all so much for participating! Will be sure to post the style for you once we have it in our hands...

Here are also a very few of the runner-ups. Enjoy!!

odd one out

tasting the buds of tomorrow

carpe amore
on a round trip down a one-way street

And the Winner is...

you and me, baby

(thanks Karin and congratulations!)


1 comment:

  1. I'm bad at commenting, but I always read your blog =)
    And I absolutely love your creations.

    Keep up the good work!