Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Furniture in Which to Fall in Love /

Per (co-founder and creative director of Odd Molly) has turned his eye to the home, in a fresh new design co-operation at the kind invitation of Swedish purveyor of fine furniture, EM.

In case you are not reading the Swedish language, here is a slightly imperfect version in English for you ;)


Down - downwards. Slow down. Collapse a bit, in good arms.

Per Holknekt's new furniture collection celebrates the moment at which the day is over and you are rewarded in the most beautiful way possible. A moment that can be a very, very long time if it is just so really, really nice. Lovely and unexpected combinations of materials make it impossible not to relax....


The Down Armchair is at the core of the collection - a sofa hybrid. The soft and fluffy fabrication envelops the person and there is enough space and depth for two.


A generous piece of furniture in which you can immerse yourself - to cuddle, to watch a long film, or simply to take a nap. The Down Armchair is manufactured in two different colors and can also be combined with a matching footstool. The collection includes a friendly sleeping mat, a generous blanket and a pillow that reduces the heart rate even further.


The Down range has a universal appeal - without any explicit reference to style or trend, based on the furniture instead of the function, as well as the human instinct to rest.


Trust your feelings! (in Studio Store August 20, 2010)

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